Authorities in Sulu were placed on alert after the clash that left seven Marine soldiers dead and resulted in the capture of an Abu Sayyaf camp in Patikul.

Chief Superintendent Bienvenido Latag, ARMM regional police director, said he placed the Sulu Provincial Police under “full alert.”

“Additional checkpoints and chokepoints have been placed especially in Patikul, Jolo, Indanan, Maimbung, and Talipao,” Latag said in a text message.

The regional police chief made the remark when asked what security adjustments had been made since the military claimed that an Abu Sayyaf camp was overran.

On Thursday, seven members of the 11th Marine Landing Battalion Team got killed when they clashed with Abu Sayyaf members in a known bandit lair.

“The area is one of those being used by the Abu Sayyaf to evade government troops who are trying to rescue the remaining four kidnap victims in Sulu,” Director Felicisimo Khu, head of the PNP Directorate for Integrated Police Operations in Western Mindanao, said for his part.

Khu said he asked the Sulu PPO to closely monitor developments related to the clash. (John Roson)

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