Authorities have already recovered five sets of skeletal remains of suspected victims of summary executions in Maguindanao supposedly perpetrated by the Ampatuan clan, police said.

Senior Supt. Marcelo Pintac, Maguindanao provincial police director, said two skeletal remains were found as officials of the Department of Justice, and different police and military units scoured Datu Hoffer town on Thursday.

The discovery brought the number of suspected victims of summary executions to five, Pintac said.

The two are believed to have been killed on January 9, 2009, the police official said.

Raids and diggings at properties owned by the Ampatuans have been ongoing since several members of the influential clan were charged and arrested for the “Maguindanao massacre,” a separate incident where 57 people were killed on Nov. 23, 2009.

A skeleton, which still had handcuffs, was found in Brgy. Limpongo late February. Two more were found in the same barangay on November 25 and 30.

The search for other victims is still ongoing but excavations were “temporarily halted,” reportedly, on Saturday for still unknown reason. (John Roson)

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