A soldier was killed in a shootout with fellow troopers after he allegedly stole a firearm and went on a shooting spree inside an Army camp in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, Monday afternoon, a military spokesman said.

Captain Albert Caber, Army 1st Infantry Division spokesman, identified the slain soldier as Cpl. Bennajir Jamalul, a member of the 35th Infantry Battalion who has been detained at the 1st ID’s disciplinary barracks since February.

Jamalul, charged for violating Article of War 84 (loss of firearms), barged into the military police’s barracks around 4:10 p.m., grabbed the M16 rifle of another soldier, and fired at anybody he saw passing by, Caber said.

Jamalul then ran towards the 1st Light Armor Battalion headquarters, passing thru a creek, then fired upon guards of that unit who were on a hilltop 30 meters away.

An exchange of fire ensued until Jamalul got hit on the chest and died, Caber said.

The Army is waiting for members of the police’s scene of the crime operatives to investigate the scene as of this writing. (John Roson)

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