A policeman was found dead inside a car in Floridablanca, Pampanga, on Sunday, after being shot several times by still unidentified gunmen, a police report said.

PO2 Reynaldo Gutierrez, assigned at the Mexico Police Station also in Pampanga, suffered five bullet wounds to the chest, abdomen, and face, according to a report from the Central Luzon regional police.

Gutierrez’s body was found inside a Toyota Innova (NON-296) parked in Brgy. Paguiruan. Initial investigation indicated that he was shot with a caliber-.45 pistol.

“[The police officer is] believed to have been killed somewhere and was only dumped at the said place to mislead investigation,” the report said.

Members of the Floridablanca Police and Pampanga Provincial Police intelligence branch are presently coordinating with the Mexico Police to determine the killers’ motive and identities. (John Roson)

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