Despite the need for rescue boats during floods and maritime incidents, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council requires local governments to prove first that they are in need of such equipment, in a competition-like way.

In a memorandum issued Sept. 3, the NDRRMC set various “criteria” for choosing which local government units (LGU) will be given rescue boats.

The selection system was crafted in view of “numerous requests for rescue boats, especially rigid hull inflatable boats, from local government units and other organizations,” the NDRRMC said.

The various criteria earn LGUs “points” that will give weight to their request for boats, which the NDRRMC will provide through the Office of Civil Defense.

An LGU will get a 30 percent chance of recieving rescue boats if its area is prone to flooding. The presence of bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and ocean in an LGU’s area will also be considered.

Thirty percent will also be given to LGUs whose areas have a large number of residents previously affected or may be affected in the future by floods.

An LGU will earn 20 percent if it has a local disaster risk reduction and management council that has an organized and trained “water search and rescue (WASAR) group.”

Ten percent will be given to LGUs that will allow their WASAR group help other local governments when need arises. The same number of “points” will be given to LGUs that can sustain the annual maintenance of rescue boats. (John Roson)

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