A provincial board member of Sorsogon and his driver were injured when the motorcycle they were riding crashed into an improvised “barricade” in Prieto Diaz town, police reported.

Board Member Benito Doma and Frenie Inolba, 28, were brought by a concerned citizen to the Sorsogon Doctors Hospital in Sorsogon City, according to a report from the provincial police.

The incident occurred in Brgy. Calao around 11 p.m. Tuesday, but was reported to police only the next day.

Doma and Inolba were riding a motorcycle (EE-1368) on the way to Sorsogon City, when the vehicle hit a 16-foot long post and crashed into broken bottles of liquor placed at the center of the National Highway, according to the report.

Investigators have yet to determine who placed the “barricade,” but Chief Insp. Reynaldo Gayta, Prieto Diaz Police chief, said he does not believe the perpetrators were targeting Doma.

“Taga dito naman siya (Doma), kilala siya dito. Tingin namin mga kabataan lang ito, nag-inuman, nagaway-away at kinalat doon sa kalsada ‘yung mga basag na bote. Wala kaming nakikita na related sa politika,” Gayta said in a phone interview. (JOHN ROSON)

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