Philippine authorities maintained the ban on sea travel, flights, and fishing east of the country even as South Korea postponed its scheduled rocket launch Friday.

The measures will remain “until further notice,” Office of Civil Defense administrator Benito Ramos said in a briefing with representatives of different government agencies and media.

Ramos made the remark after receiving information from that South Korea “aborted” Friday’s launch.

“The launch was aborted, or postponed, due to technical problem. It had something to do with fuel,” Ramos said, citing information from Col. Ireneo Maninding, the country’s defense attache to South Korea.

The civil defense chief, however, said authorities will remain “on standby” until 6 p.m. to wait for word if Seoul pushes with the launch.

Earlier this month, South Korea said it also set Oct. 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31 as “reserve dates” for the launch.

“We will be in ‘suspended animation’ until they launch, so we hope they fire earlier,” Ramos said in jest.

He said the “no fly,” “no sail,” and “no fishing” measures will still be implemented even if the launch falls on Oct. 30 or 31.

The two dates fall on the annual “exodus” of city residents who visit graves of departed relatives in the provinces.

Millions of people, mostly from Metro Manila, travel by sea or air during those dates.

Ramos said the Maritime Industry Authority and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines may “re-route” planes and ships to accommodate people going to the provinces. (John Roson)

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