US military ships may still visit the Philippines without dumping waste, the Department of National Defense said Friday.

Peter Paul Galvez, the department’s spokesman, made the remark after it was reported that a shipping company catering to US military ships had dumped “toxic waste” into waters off Subic Bay.

“Hiwalay ‘yan sa port visits. Puwede ituloy ang visits without doing any kind of waste disposal,” Galvez told reporters.

Galvez said authorities, especially the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and the Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement, are still investigating the allegations against Glenn Defense Marine Asia.

Glenn Defense Marine is a company catering to US military ships that visit different ports in Asia.

Its services include transporting crew to and from land, as well fetching and disposing waste from the ships.

It was reported in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Glenn Defense Marine dumped into the West Philippine Sea more than 180,000 liters of domestic waste and more than 700 liters of “bilge water.”

The bilge water, a mixture of water, oil, and grease, reportedly came from US ships that participated in a recent naval exercise with Philippine forces and allegedly had high levels of “toxicity.”

“Pending investigation, those (visits and waste disposal) are two separate issues. Hindi kailangan ipagkabit,” Galvez said. (John Roson)

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