The PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group has ordered a review of the list of suspects in the 2009 Maguindanao massacre following wrong arrests, which some people have reportedly made money from.

The task group hunting down the 92 massacre suspects who remain at large will “shift its strategy” by focusing on “operational research,” CIDG chief Dir. Samuel Pagdilao said in a statement issued ahead of the massacre’s third anniversary.

The move aims to determine the remaining suspects’ true identities and, “if necessary, to purge the list,” Pagdilao said.

Earlier, the CIDG’s Task Group Maguindanao reported that fictitious and similar names and aliases of the suspects, as well as lack of identifying documents, have made it difficult for investigators to make arrests.

Pagdilao said some manhunt operations have already resulted in the arrest of persons who were later proven to be not among those accused for the massacre.

He said the CIDG is investigating reports that some individuals have made money by leading authorities in making the wrong arrests.

Pagdilao said the CIDG has observed a “pattern” where an informant points authorities to a “suspect” in the massacre and, after the reward has been released, the arrested person produces documents proving he is not among the accused.

The PNP is offering P250,000 bounties for each of the massacre suspects who remain at large. (John Roson)

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