The Philippines is spending P246,334,500 to upgrade its arsenal this year, documents from the Department of National Defense showed.

Some 344 metric tons of metallic raw materials worth P152,714,500 and 51 metric tons of “propellant powder” worth P57,120,000 are being bought for the Government Arsenal, according to bid announcements at the DND website.

Also being sought for the Arsenal are a vacuum heat treatment furnace worth P23,500,000 and a ballistics measuring system worth P13,000,000, the documents showed.

The Government Arsenal, a bureau of the DND, is primarily tasked to design, develop, manufacture, procure, stockpile, and allocate arms and ammunition.

It is also tasked to come up with plans and programs to achieve self-sufficiency in small arms, mortars, and other weapons and munition. (John Roson)

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