The number of people killed and injured in this year’s elections have already reached a level close to those of 2010, with still a month to go before the election period ends, police records showed Wednesday.

Fifty-two people were killed while 73 were injured in 90 election-related incidents from January 13 to May 13, records provided by the PNP Department of Investigative and Detective Management (DIDM) showed.

Fifty-four people died and 78 were injured in 176 incidents that occurred during the entire election period in 2010, which ran from January 10 to June 9, according to the DIDM.

This year’s election period started on January 13 and will end on June 13.

Meanwhile, DIDM records also showed that the number of politicians killed this year is now higher than that of 2010.

Thirty-three elected government officials were killed this year, higher than the 20 politicians killed three years ago. (John Roson)

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