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An aide of Abu Sayyaf top leader Radullan Sahiron was shot dead in Patikul, Sulu, not by government forces but by fellow members of the bandit group, the military reported.

Killed was one Nadzmil Ali, a “trusted” man of Sahiron, Armed Forces public affairs chief Lieutenant Colonel Harold Cabunoc said Wednesday.

A Sulu-based military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Ali, whose real name is Khalid Sali, was shot dead in Brgy. Buhanginan around 4 p.m. Monday.

Sali, an Abu Sayyaf sub-commander who served as Sahiron’s “right-hand man,” was bathing at a stream when he was shot, the official said.

Sali was shot with his own gun by a nephew, who fellow Abu Sayyaf sub-commanders Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan and Furuji Indama had “agitated,” the source said.

“Pinaghihinalaan kasi nila Sawadjaan itong si Sali na informant ng military, na kung bakit tuwing magkakasama sila ay nae-engage sila ng tropa. Parang purging ang nangyari,” said the source.

A Manila-based military official monitoring developments in Sulu said Sali was a former member of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) who got integrated into the AFP.

Sali eventually earned the rank of captain in the military, but went AWOL sometime in 2008 then joined the Abu Sayyaf, the official said.

The Sulu-based official said security forces did not see Sali’s body as it was buried in Patikul on Tuesday.

“We are validating this report regarding the killing of Nadzmil Ali, and we are also verifying the report that he was indeed the former Army captain, Khalid Sali, who went AWOL seven years ago,” Cabunoc said.


Captain Maria Rowena Muyuela, AFP Western Mindanao Command spokesperson, said her office has also yet to receive an official report on Sali’s killing, but admitted hearing of the supposed dissention among Abu Sayyaf sub-commanders.

“Medyo may doubt na sila sa isa’t isa. Hinihintay ko pa ang official report diyan,” she said.

The Sulu-based official revealed that Sali’s killing prompted Sawadjaan and Indama to “split” from Sahiron’s group for fear of retaliation from the Abu Sayyaf top leader.

“Ngayon umalis na sila Sawadjaan, humiwalay kasama si Furuji, alam kasi nilang babawi si Radullan. Nasa Patikul pa rin sila pero ibang area na,” the official said.

“May infighting na sa kanila. Nag-move na sila Sawadjaan at Furuji na palitan si Sahiron, ang gusto nilang ipalit si Yasser Igasan,” the source added.

Sahiron, who is said to have taken over the helm of the Abu Sayyaf after Khadaffy Janjalani was killed in 2006, is included in the U.S.’ list of most wanted terrorists, with the State Department offering up to US$ 1 million for his capture.

Igasan is also a prominent Abu Sayyaf commander who, according to intelligence reports, should have succeeded Janjalani but was not acknowledged by Sahiron because he is more of a cleric and has relatively lower skills in combat. (John Roson)

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Abu Sayyaf commander Isnilon Hapilon, who is wanted by the US government, was wounded in the raid by the military in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan, on Monday, an Army official said Tuesday.

Hapilon was grazed by a bullet on the head as reported by military snipers, Col. Carlito Galvez, commander of the Army’s 104th Brigade, said in a phone interview.

A nephew of Hapilon also suffered a bullet wound to the shoulder while at least four other Abu Sayyaf members were injured, Galvez said.

Hapilon and the other wounded, however, escaped during the raid which targeted him and Furuji Indama, another high-ranking Abu Sayyaf commander.

“Apparently naka[takas] po sila (Hapilon and Indama), pero si Isnilon nagkaroon ng slight wound sa head,” Galvez said.

Eight Abu Sayyaf gunmen were seen as getting killed in the firefight, but troops recovered only two bodies, he said.

A report reaching the military headquarters in Manila said the two bodies found at the clash site belonged to an alias “Abu Digod” and a certain Buga Teddy.

Three soldiers, identified as Sgt. Magno of the Army, A2C Kasilag of the Air Force, and SN1 Merquit of the Navy, were wounded in the firefight, according to the report.

Galvez said the raid in Brgy. Silangkum was launched purposely to find Hapilon and Indama because their groups have been “pestering” Basilan residents with kidnappings and extortion.

“Walang let up po ito. Walang let up po itong operations na ito until the Tipo-Tipo and Al Barka areas have been cleared of the Abu Sayyaf. Nagfo-focused military operations kami ngayon,” he said.

According to the official, Hapilon and Indama’s latest exploits include extorting “protection money” from the contractor of the Basilan Circumferential Road.

“Ine-extort nila ng P1 million ‘yung contractor, P2 billion kasi ang contract nun… parang protection money ang hinihingi,” he said.

The contractor has so far finished 12 kilometers of the 121-kilometer road that would run around the entire island-province, according to the official.

Hapilon first gained notoriety for his involvement in the May 2001 incident at the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan where 20 people, including three Americans, were kidnapped.

Guillermo Sobero, one of the three American kidnap victims, was beheaded a month after the abduction.

American missionary Martin Burnham, the other kidnap victim, was killed in the crossfire between the Abu Sayyaf and soldiers who conducted a rescue operation in October 2001. His wife Gracia was injured but rescued.

The Dos Palmas kidnappings prompted the US government to offer up to $5 million, or more than P206 million, for Hapilon’s capture or killing.

Indama, though not included in the US list of Filipino terror suspects, is an Abu Sayyaf sub-commander blamed for several bombing and kidnapping incidents, as well as the 2007 beheading of 10 Marine troopers in Basilan.

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